Cancer Horoscope 2020 – Yearly Prediction


For Cancer people, the horoscope of 2020, Moon will be in the eighth house, which may make you a little worried about your health in the initial period. This year you will get great opportunities to participate in competitions for cancer ascendant native, as Mercury, Sun, Saturn and Ketu occupy the 6th house and they are creating new paths for you. Apart from this, Mercury and Saturn are producing, which indicates that you will get the fruits of your hard work.

People from the sports world, cinema can achieve success by participating and participating in competitions abroad. The position of the planets is creating the best opportunities for you. You just have to hold them and give your best. Especially for people in IT, engineering, media, acting, and politics. Instead of relying on your luck this year, depending on your work and talent, which will give you the best results.

With the change of Saturn after 24 January, a change in business or job search is likely to happen for you, and all of this will bring great success for you. Saturn’s transformation will be very good for you as it will provide stability in your business. The presence of Saturn in the 7th house of your chart is also creating chances of marriage, but you need to be very careful before taking this big step.

On March 30, Jupiter will move to Capricorn, which will accelerate the pace of your marriage, along with new possibilities in your work life. Also, Horoscope 2020 suggests that creating favorable conditions, you will need to work hard at the beginning of the year but you will get very good benefits along the way.

Saturn will retrograde on May 11 and may result in disruptions to your marriage or your workplace. If possible, try to suspend any important work for the moment. On September 29, the path of Saturn will become progressive and only after that, you should resume all your work and expect success in it.

Cancer Horoscope 2020 Vedic Astro suggests that you need to keep a regular checkup for your daily life and use your day systematically to make the most of it.

Jupiter’s retrograde on 14 May will make you feel successful on your way. The sight of Jupiter on your 7th house will make it possible for you to overcome long-standing health problems.

On 30 June, Jupiter will move to Sagittarius which will suggest you take care of your health. Cancer Native may have to face problems related to your stomach. Weight gain can also bother you at this time. With the progress on September 13, Jupiter will again start giving auspicious results in terms of your health, luck and good luck.

On 23 September Rahu will move into Taurus in the 11th place or house of profit and fortune.

Jupiter will return to Capricorn on 20 November, and you will benefit from this transit. At the beginning of the year, Rahu will be in the 12th house which will create opportunities for you to travel abroad.

Overall, this year will be prosperous for the Cancer Native People.