Gemini Horoscope 2020 – Yearly Prediction


Horoscope 2020 reading for Gemini sign indicates that the year of Gemini zodiac is going to be good. The ruling planet Mercury is present in Sagittarius which exerts a dual character and is creating an auspicious time for you. Although a bit confusing at the beginning, you will be able to make concrete decisions. The presence of the Moon in the 9th house is going to give you all the luck you need to work. You will maintain good health and succeed in all your ventures. However, the presence of Mars in your 6th house can give you a little stress every time, but nothing more. The 7th house occupied by Sun, Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter and Ketu is going to give a good share of ups and downs in your relationship. You will have moments of romantic bliss and moments of unwanted misunderstanding, but the most dangerous and harmful of all of this will be the ego conflict between you and your partner.

Apart from this, Rahu will also affect your patience and peace. The transit of Rahu in Taurus will cause you to travel abroad.


Saturn will change the sign from January 24 and will sit on the 8th. You will get the benefit of reducing your negativity through this movement and you will also see an increase in your workplace. But Saturn in 8th house and its vision is indicating a change in your actions at your workplace.

Gemini Horoscope 2020 On March 30, Jupiter will change and enter Saturn, with the presence of Saturn in it, so there will be unexpected gains in your work area, even if there are favorable circumstances in your chart.

Saturn’s retrograde on 11 May can create a big problem for you. Work-related problems may arise. You may also be accused of something that could endanger your reputation. At this time you will need to pay special attention to your work. On September 29, as Saturn progresses, you can regain your lost reputation.

Vedic Astro Horoscope suggests that you need to keep a regular checkup for your daily life and use your day systematically to make the most of it.

On May 14, Jupiter will be retrograde which will create the possibility of finding your match. For couples, marriage will definitely be on the cards, but for married people, there is a chance of having an extramarital affair and you need to be in control at the moment. In addition, you will see an increase in your finances, can acquire ancestral property, buy a new house or vehicle.

On 30 June, Jupiter will go to Sagittarius and will be in its original position. There may be a major change in your return to your birthplace or living arrangement.

With the progress of Jupiter on 13 September, your chances of success at your workplace will increase again and a new direction of success will open. There are many possibilities of marriage proposal for you at this time. But be patient and avoid confusion.

At the beginning of the year, Rahu will sit in your zodiac sign, so you will have a plan but also confused with whom to start. Work-related trips may also occur, but you need to take special care of your health. Avoid overconfidence. Before doing a job or doing any job, it is very important that you know your abilities.

Rahu’s transition to Taurus in the 12th of your horoscope on 23 September, which is also considered to be an expenditure place and expenses will increase further due to this transit. But if you have been thinking of going abroad for a long time, now it is right to proceed with it. Apart from this, Ketu will also be in the 7th house of Taurus in the initial phase of the year which will be the cause of conflict in your personal life. There are possibilities of ideological differences. But for unmarried people, sudden matchmaking will create marriage situations. From 23 September, Ketu will change to Scorpio and it will give you an edge over your enemies.

Overall, Gemini Horoscope 2020 will be very good for Native.