Is the Deeds of Past Birth due to your Problem?


The horoscope that is formed at the time of man’s death is called the Punya Chakra. This gives information about the next birth of man.


In Jatak-Parijat, after death the speed is told. If there is a Jupiter(Jupiter) in the ascendant during death, then the native moves in heaven, if there is sun or Mars, if there is death, moon or Venus, Pitrilok and Mercury or Saturn, then he goes to hell. If there is an auspicious planet in the twelfth place, Dwadshesh (12th House Lord) is strong and if you see the auspicious planet then you will get salvation. If the conjunction of Saturn, Rahu (North lunar node) or Ketu in the twelfth house is with Ashtamesh( 8th house lord), then the native gets hell. In the horoscope, salvation is attained when the relationship between Guru (Jupiter) and Ketu(South Node) is in the fourth house.

The position of Jupiter, Saturn and Rahu (North lunar node) in the Horoscope shows the relation of souls to the fruits or effects derived from the deeds of prior karma: –

1. If the Jupiter is in the Ascendant, then it shows the blessing or defect of the ancestor’s soul. There is a sense of his presence either alone or while worshiping. Such a person should donate milk on the new moon day.

2. The Jupiter of the second or eighth position shows that the person had to be born saintly or saintly in the previous birth or else due to lack of fulfilled desires. Such a person is blessed with invisible phantom spirits. All desires are preceded by good deeds and religious instincts. Such people are born in a prosperous house. The latter lead a life full of religious instincts. His life remains simple but happy and finally he dies.

3. If the Jupiter is in third place then it is believed that a woman is persecuted in the ancestors and with her blessings lead a happy life, but being cursed leads to physical, financial and mental troubles. Such people benefit from worshiping Kul Devi or Maa Bhagwati.

4. When the Jupiter is in the fourth position, the native comes back from the ancestors and is born. Life is blissful with the blessings of the ancestors. When cursed, such people are found to be suffering from problems. They always have fear. Such a person should visit the place of ancestors and offer prayers once a year and pray for his auspicious life.

5. When Jupiter is in ninth place, the shadow of the elderly always helps. Such a person is renounced by Maya and sainted with similar thoughts. As you get older, it will become stronger and more knowledgeable. The badass of such a person also gives good effect.

6. When the Jupiter is in the tenth position, the person keeps a saintly tendency, religious thoughts, unwavering shrines on God from the rites of previous birth. If there is Saturn or Rahu (North lunar node) in tenth, ninth or eleventh place, then such a person is an official of a religious place, or a trust or a great saint. Due to wickedness, dishonesty, lies, and corrupts make economic progress, but eventually become devoted to God.

7. On the eleventh place, the Jupiter tells that in the previous life, the tantra mantra, knowledge of occult practices or corrupted spirits by doing some wrong work, causes disruption in family happiness. Mental disturbance is always there. Rahu (North lunar node)’s yatra has to face special problems. Such a person should worship Maa Kali and live in moderation.

8. In the twelfth place, the yoga of Rahu (North lunar node) or Saturn with the Jupiter, Jupiter in the previous birth, blames the person for breaking the religious place or temple and has to complete it in this birth. Such a person gives good souls with a similar look. They benefit from religious tendencies. One has to face problems due to wrong eating.

Now Saturn’s relationship with ancestors


1. Saturn in Ascendant or being in the first place indicates that this person must have been knowledgeable about good Spiritual books or old things, herbs, esoteric practices in previous lives. Good invisible spirits help such a person. Their childhood is sick or financially troublesome. They live in houses where phantom spirits live. Worshiping them is beneficial.

2. Saturn is believed to be in the second position. That such a person suffers financial, physical family problems due to their bad luck by persecuting or causing trouble to a person in previous birth. When Rahu (North lunar node) is in a relationship, sleepless dreams, dreams occur or the shadow of a phantom spirit impedes every task in the opposite way. Such persons remain mentally disturbed.

3. When Saturn or Rahu (North lunar node) is in the third or sixth position, then unseen souls help in predicting future events. Such a person acquires knowledge in the work related to the land, what the house is under the ground. These people are sometimes found suffering from unreasonable fear.

4. In the fourth place Saturn or Rahu (North lunar node) signifies the presence of the ancestors in the serpent. Fear of snake shape or snake. They benefit from serving animals or snakes. Treatment of stomach disease gives success.

5. The presence of Saturn or Rahu (North lunar node) in the fifth position is considered to cause trouble to someone with a deadly weapon in the previous birth. They have to bear child related problems. Stomach disease, delayed childbirth, etc. are troublesome.

6. When Saturn or Rahu (North lunar node) is in the seventh place, due to pre-birth related defects, you feel lack of eye, physical pain, family happiness. Religious instincts and worshiping your favorite is beneficial.

7. Saturn or Rahu (North lunar node) in the eighth position indicates that due to wrong use of Tantra-Mantra on a person in the previous birth, they suffer from fear without reason. These snake thieves remain afraid of the dead. Donating milk to them benefits.

8. Saturn in ninth place shows the defect of hindering the progress of other people in previous birth. Atru such persons are not able to make special progress in the job.

9. Being in the twelfth place of the moon is an economic gain or loss due to the blessing or dosha of the serpent. Such a person should wear a serpent of silver silver, such people are benefited by worshiping the snake. Offering milk and water to Lord Shankar is also beneficial.

10. There is a combination of Rahu (North lunar node) and Saturn in any house of Janma Patrika (Horoscope), such a person is suffering from the outside winds. There is always a heavyness in their body, they are found guilty of being lazy, prone to anger and anger while praying.

From the lord planet of fifth house of horoscope, the native’s residence of the native is revealed.

Jataka (Person’s)  direction in full birth: According to the sign in the fifth house of the horoscope, the person has knowledge of the direction of the previous birth.

Jataka caste in full birth: The caste of Panchamesh (5th House Lord) planet in birth chart is the caste of Jataka(Person’s) in previous birth.