Leo Horoscope 2020 – Yearly Prediction


Leo Horoscope 2020 reading, suggests that this year goes to be all about your honor, reputation, and authority because the lord of the zodiac, the Sun, is sitting in the fifth house of your horoscope for the year 2020 and 32 auspicious circumstances. the construction of. This year will be good for your working life. You can get full support from the partner because the Moon is present in the 7th house. Marriage opportunities can also be made for the unmarried.

According to Leo Horoscope 2020 Chart “For a relationship, you’ll have a blissful and romantic time ahead”.

The lord of fortune, Mars is present in the 4th house and it is creating conditions for you to buy a new house, new vehicle or property. Venus, the lord of the 10th house, can give you a hard time to focus on your goals as it sits in the 6th house, but due to your positive nature, working hard to achieve what you want from it Can exit. Rahu’s presence in the 11th house ensures that you will travel like the last one this year.

You will get auspicious news of being a child by having Sun with Saturn and Ketu. Natives who are students and aiming to get higher education will surely get what they want. Those planning to study abroad will also be successful.

Saturn will be retrograde and this can lead to troubled times, but it will also give you the strength to fight all your battles and emerge victoriously. You are advised not to take stress as it may affect your personal life and may cause conflicts with your partner.


On January 24, Saturn will enter the 6th house of your zodiac as per Leo Horoscope 2020, this change can increase the number of your enemies and have a detrimental effect on your health. However, the effect will not be as severe as you would fear. Try to be patient on 11 May.

Jupiter posted in the sixth position of your zodiac sign will go to Capricorn on March 30. This will create your chances of success in any and all types of competitions. You will get success and honor at the national level as well as internationally. Jupiter and Saturn are also creating good conditions that will allow you to achieve beneficial results in all forms, do not miss any opportunity.

Vedic Astro Horoscope suggests that you need to keep a regular checkup for your daily life and use your day systematically to make the most of it.

On May 14, Jupiter will be retrograde in Capricorn itself and this will increase the amount of auspiciousness that you will do in all fronts of your life. On June 30, Jupiter, yet retrograde, will move to Sagittarius. This movement will encourage your ability to plan at this point and begin dreaming again for the longer term.

On 13 September, Jupiter will become progressive and all your plans will come to the right place.

After Saturn retrograde, all such problems will start to decrease. Saturn will return to its original position on September 29, which will gradually relieve your workplace, health and reduce mental stress.

This year Rahu is also changing the zodiac sign. On September 23, Rahu is being transformed into Taurus, which will affect your work area. Being in the workplace, Rahu will develop the ability to work better for you. Seniors can expect high performance from you but high chances Rahu will ensure that you achieve success.

In addition, Ketu will enter the 4th house, which associates itself with the mother of the natives, so you’ll get to monitor your mother’s health.

On 20 November, Jupiter will shift from Sagittarius to Capricorn, and it will give you good results.