Leo Horoscope March 2020 – Monthly Predictions


Leo Monthly Health Horoscope

This month will experience a sharp on your face. Energy will remain in you. There may be throat pain, nose or ear infection. You have to avoid skin disease. You may have an allergy complaint. In the second half of the month, you may have problems with blood pressure and back pain. This month, try your best to bring yoga practice into the routine.

Leo Monthly Business and Career Horoscope

Right now your days are going to be good on the professional front. Opponents will eat from your hand. However, there should be no confusion in the work. You can benefit from trade-related to Venus. Having good communication skills from the 15th onwards will enable you to gain dominance in the meeting. Employed people will also perform well in the meeting, which will benefit you.

Leo monthly Love and Relationship Horoscope

At this time your love car will move very slowly. In the second half of the month, you can also get bored with your relationship and move on to a new relationship. People wanting to get married can get tied up in a relationship this month. You should avoid any kind of argument with your spouse this month. Family members will also have to give you full time.

Leo Monthly Money and Finance Horoscope

Sources of income will remain in this month, although you are not going to get huge benefits in the beginning. However, your money will start increasing gradually in the month. Any major investment decision you should avoid now. You can benefit from government benefits, tax benefits, stock market. This month, betting or any wrong place should be avoided. It would be better to ask investment experts by asking an expert, otherwise, losses may occur.

Leo Monthly Education and Knowledge Horoscope

Students will not be able to fully focus on studies at this time. There is a need to make some tight schedule for studies. Students preparing for higher education should be careful in course selection. This month will be confusing to understand difficult topics. It will not be in your interest to plan to study without the guidance of your teacher or a senior.