Leo Monthly Horoscope – February 2020


Leo’s Horoscope Monthly Prediction

You are the one who wishes to do the work favorable to the mind. By doing any work responsibly, there is a possibility of getting a position with respect and honor as per time. Work done with courage and valor constitutes a sign of good success.

There is a strong desire to live life with self-respect. The ability to lead is found in you. Therefore, you are successful in working in any position. Because the Sun is communicating in Capricorn till mid-February, the actions done with courage and enthusiasm are likely to achieve good success.

There is a possibility of outside travel etc. related to work after 15 January. Relationships with your relatives will usually be good. Conditions will be favorable from the point of view of wealth real estate. If you try to get money then you can get a good profit in the latter part of this month. If you are in a job, then you can also get a good position. And from the working point of view, economic conditions can also be strong. Brothers are likely to get the support of favored friends. With respect, amenities, and amenities, there is a possibility of getting the convenience of the car, house, etc.

In this month you will get good chances to get political benefits. If you are having a dispute about any kind of property or any kind of problem and you try to resolve it, then you can get success in this month. If there is any kind of family dispute, it can also be in your favor. Efforts made for political gains are likely to succeed.

If you are a politician, then the grip in the political field can also be strong. Conditions are going to be favorable on the child side and there is a possibility of getting support in love affairs too. The conditions are going to be favorable for foreign travel and married life in this month. With the help of a spouse, the mind can be happy. Business benefits from outside companies and from outside companies will be good. Health-related fluctuations can be observed. Luck will support you very well You can get good success in whatever work you do. Because Mars is communicating in Aries. Therefore, the sum of luck and progress related to work is becoming good. Conditions are going to be favorable from the point of view of the work business. Venus is transiting in Sagittarius, which can be quite good in terms of career. The financial benefit will also be good, but keep in mind one thing that you may have to take unnecessary trips more. Because of which your health and financial troubles can increase. So try to avoid traveling etc. 9,10,18,19 and 28th date are not favorable for you this month. Any auspicious work will be prohibited on these days and no efforts should be made to start any important work in these days.

Leo’s Economic Life

Economic conditions may get a bit tense at the beginning of this month. But in the latter part, there may be good opportunities to get economic benefits. Will be progressing in terms of career. Whether you work or business, you are likely to get good benefits from all sides. Therefore you can earn good money from your fields of work with courage and might. Because this month, your luck will also be good and you can get good success in the areas of work. Conditions are favorable from the point of view of wealth real estate. The stability and seriousness of any task can lead to good success. But the work done in haste and the decision taken in it can be harmful. So do any work thoughtfully. So that you will always be able to get financial benefits. Try to do any kind of outdoor travel etc. as required. Otherwise, unnecessary money expenditure may be faced. Caution occurred due to accidents such as problems that may occur. Therefore, it will be beneficial for you to keep a trend towards your work business and strengthen economic policies.

Leo’s Health Life

In this month, there may be a possibility of health-related fever. Any infection or skin-related inspections are becoming more likely to be blood-related disorders etc. In such a situation, it is necessary to be aware of your health.

Leo’s Love and Married Life

In this month your mind will be happy about a love affair. You will have good feelings towards each other as mutual harmony with your boyfriend/girlfriend improves. Along with increasing love towards each other, you can get cooperation in the fields of work. If you love your lover/girlfriend very much, then it will be very good for you to express your love this month. Looking at the time and situation in the latter part of the month, you can express your love to your lover/girlfriend with a good gift. Because the conditions are going to be very favorable this month regarding a love affair. Venus is transiting in Sagittarius which can be very good conditions for love affairs. In the latter part of the month, if you are planning to go out with your boyfriend/girlfriend, then it can be successful. Both of you can have such good love feelings that you can make good progress in your love affairs as well as your working relationships. This month, conditions are going to be favorable for married life. The chances of getting support from a spouse are becoming good. You can also get the support of your spouse for traveling outside.

Leo’s Family Life

This month, there is a possibility of having a good relationship with everyone in the family. Due to good mutual harmony in the family, there can be growth in the family and happiness can be obtained along with development in the household. By maintaining a good rapport with family members, there is a possibility of getting all kinds of support. You can be seen with respect to the house family. You have expectations from family members. Therefore you too should fulfill your responsibilities towards the family. By the way, you are a responsible person. Therefore, your feelings towards family are good. Along with having a cordial relationship with parents, parental support can also be obtained. Conditions are going to be favorable regarding the child’s side. Children’s health, education, etc. can be gratifying for you. In the latter part of the month, there may be some festive work in the house family or some auspicious work is also expected to be done. Manglik work can be done. Your thinking should be good for family members. And your expectations from the family can be fulfilled.

Lion’s precautions and Remedy

In this month, you burn the sun daily and read the Aditya Hridaya Stotra daily. Donate red items on Sunday and try to give food to animals and animals. This will boost your confidence and achieve good success in the areas of work.