Libra Horoscope 2020 – Yearly Prediction


Horoscope 2020 readings for Libra sign indicate that the lord of the zodiac Venus is sitting in the 4th position, and this arrangement proves very good for you. Libra Native will experience happiness and prosperity all around you. You can buy a house, vehicle, and more. You will also be romantically blessed and enjoy a great time with your loved one. The third house has positive results for you and will have the effect that you travel a lot during this time. The native will have good tuning with their younger siblings.

The presence of Mars in the 2 nd house will create the possibility of obtaining wealth from various sources. You can also get ancestral property during this time.

This year Saturn is also changing the zodiac. Saturn’s transformation is expected to be beneficial for you as Saturn will be placed in the center of your chart. Being Saturn in the fourth house will create auspicious opportunities for your children.

Vedic Astro Horoscope suggests that you need to keep a regular checkup for your daily life and use your day systematically to make the most of it.


On March 30, Jupiter will enter Capricorn, which is a place of happiness with your zodiac sign. Due to the low intensity of the infection, it can have negative effects for you, but due to the presence of Saturn, favorable conditions are created and you will benefit from maternal happiness, property happiness, vehicle etc.

Saturn will retrograde on 11 May. You may lose respect and reputation at this time. Saturn has a vision at your workplace too. The sight of Saturn in your 10th position will give you new energy and outlook of your work and life. Even if native have problems, will be able to overcome all of that. Saturn will become progressive on September 29, after which the situation will gradually change.

On May 14, Jupiter will be retrograde and will have the effect that you can travel abroad, either for business, a pilgrimage or spiritual travel. Wedding occasions may also be present. You will feel a significant increase in your strength and enthusiasm. All future plans, ideas, and plans will be born in your mind.

On 30 June, Jupiter will change to Sagittarius and this change will result in good things for you. Looking at the sight of Jupiter at your house of profit, you will find sources of income from everywhere. Jupiter will be set on September 13 and will give you beneficial results. You will see a significant increase in your productivity. This is the time to feel the seriousness of the thoughts that are going on in your mind, the time to work on it. You have to be aware of your friends and enemies and be a little careful when you are around them. At this point try not to talk to anyone about your plans.

Libra Horoscope 2020 – Jupiter will go to Capricorn on 20 November. Being in the low zodiac sign of the planet can have negative effects on your life, but due to the presence of Saturn, favorable circumstances will benefit you in the form of maternal pleasures, property pleasures, vehicles, etc.

Rahu will be placed in Gemini at the beginning of the year. Like last year, due to the presence of Rahu, the obstacles and obstacles you face will still remain, but by the middle of the year, as Rahu will change and move towards Taurus, you will see your gradual growth in your life. But at this time, hurrying and taking any hasty decision can be very bad for you, try to avoid it.

Ketu will be in Jupiter’s sign Sagittarius at the beginning of the year 2020 along with Mercury, Jupiter Sun and Saturn. Its effect will bring mixed results for you. By the middle of the year, Ketu will enter Scorpio, which is considered of most importance. With Ketu’s momentum in a 2K house, you can expect to get unexpected finance or ancestral property. If you have been in any kind of legal dispute with family members for a long time, then try to resolve it now, because the result is expected in your favor according to Vedic Astro Horoscope reading about Libra Horoscope 2020.