Mars in Ascendant – Role and Effect of Planet Mars in Horoscope


Mars in Ascendant enables the native to have a sharp intellect and make quick decisions. Such natives have an amazing ability to solve the problem immediately. The native of Ascendant Mars is more enthusiastic, impatient, and courageous than usual. Mars is believed to increase strength and might. Such a person is charged and sit doing anything.


Ascendant Mars is a boon for doctors but is considered harmful for lawyers from an economic point of view. Mars in the Lagna makes the native clear, due to which he sometimes seems aggressive. Mars sitting in the Lagna makes the native angry but amiable by nature. The person is very aware of his goal and is not afraid to work hard to achieve it.

Mars in Ascendant makes the person confident and ambitious. Such people are not afraid of competitions or competitions but are more interested in them. Ascendant Mangal keeps the mind of the person alive. He does not hesitate to break the law or rules and as a result, fear of injury or accident always remains.

The people who have Planet Mars in Ascendant should be careful of meat muscles and blood-related diseases. Incidences of reproductive diseases, fever, pains, and burns occur very rarely with these natives. Ascendant Mars gives trouble to babies while getting teeth.

In the element of fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius), Mars gives a lot of courage and might to the native. They do not have a special interest in religious rituals, but such natives are in favor of truth and justice. Mars of fire sign gives the native success in police or military-related work.

When the Mars of the earth element (Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo) is corrupted, the person becomes cruel, obstinate, and arrogant. But if this Mars is under the influence of auspicious planets then the native behaves in a friendly and sympathetic way.

If Mars of the air element (Libra, Aquarius, Gemini) is corrupted, the native fails in love relations and wanders from one place to another due to his love of tourism.

Mars of water element (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) employs the native in aquatic services.

According to Vedic astrology, the effect of Mars on human life


Body texture and nature – In the horoscope in the horoscope, Mars brings beauty and beauty to a person’s face. The person appears young by age. It makes the native powerful, courageous, and fearless. The person is also proud of the influence of Mars in the Lagna. He does not work under any kind of pressure. Physically a person is strong. The nature of a person is angry. Such natives have an interest in the military, police, engineering fields. The Ascendant Mars also creates a Mars defect(Mangal Dosha)

Effect of Bali Mars – With the predominance of Mars, a person makes his decisions fearlessly. He remains energetic. This increases the productive capacity of the native. Even under adverse circumstances, the native accepts the challenges with pleasure and also defeats them. The effect of Bali Mangal is not only on the person, but it also appears to have an effect on the family life of the person. Due to Bali Mangal, a person’s brothers and sisters progress in their field of work.

Influences of afflicted Mars – If Mars is weak or afflicted in horoscope, then it creates problems for the native. Due to its effect, a person has to face an accident. Due to afflicted Mars, there are problems in the family life of the native as well. The native has to face the problems of defeat from enemies, land dispute, debt, etc.