Most Common and Powerful Yoga in Horoscope – Sun-Mercury Conjunction ‘Budhaditya’ Yoga.


In 80 to 90 % of horoscope has this Budhaditya Yoga, But according to the Ascendant, it is very fruitful, and sometimes when Mercury is closer to the Sun, then it does not become Budhatiya yoga. It becomes a defect.


Just as Mercury in Virgo Ascendant is a Yogkarak planet, i.e., Ascendant and 10th house Lord, but when the sun Combust, then it gives loss to the native instead of profit. Because Ascendant Lord Combust from 12th house lord it starts giving inauspicious results.

Similarly, when Mercury is Combust by the Sun for Gemini ascendant, it brings downfall in the fruits from Mercury.

Mercury for Capricorn ascendant also becomes a Dosha rather than Yoga because Mercury destroys Luck Lord Combust from the 8th house lord.

Astrologers have two opposing views regarding Mercury (Budhaditya Yoga) .

1- A thought stream says that Mercury is almost with the Sun, therefore Mercury does not give the result of the combust planet.

2- According to Section 2, any planet being close to the Sun reduces the impact of that planet.

But experimentally it has been found that when Mercury is an auspicious planet in the horoscope and sets off from the Sun, then the fruits of Mercury decrease.

Apart from this, when Mercury is an auspicious planet in the horoscope, setting in with Sun and the Sun is the owner of the inauspicious house, then the deficiency in the fruits of Mercury not only comes but the Mercury starts giving inauspicious results.

The Budh Aditya Yoga


Budhaditya yoga is the most popular yoga in the horoscope

Planet Sun considers as the planet of the soul. In Vedic astrology, Sun is the most dominant planet. The influence of the Sun is clearly visible in the universe.. Sun is a cruel planet, not a sin planet. There is a big difference between cruel and sinful.

Cruel, while showing goodness and inauspiciousness in all actions, maintain purity in the goal, but sinful feelings are not considered good.

The planet Mercury is closest to the Sun and therefore lost its masculinity. But Mercury also confers its influence on the relation of other planets with the Sun instead.

In the Horoscope, there is often a 70 percent probability of the Sun and Mercury remaining together.

This yoga, known as Budhaditya, is known to give very special results in different emotions.

But this is more and auspicious.

Sun + Mercury be on Aries or Mercury in Virgo or Gemini.

Or center, first, fourth, seventh, ten

If in the sense, but it is also considered good in the triangle sense

Triangle expressions

The fifth and ninth house

The auspicious effect of this yoga provides the person with intelligence, analytical ability, speech skills, communication skills, ability to lead, honor, respect, prestige and many other such characteristics.

One thing is seen a lot in the native of the auspicious Mercury Aditya Yoga, his writing is very good.

They take great interest in reading this book, they have a collection of books.

Jataka writer of auspicious Mercury Aditya Yoga

Mathematics, knowledge science, medicine, bank employees and astrology are seen more.

Mercury is closest to the Sun and Mercury and Sun are seen simultaneously in many horoscopes, which means that in all these horoscopes, Mercury becomes Aditya Yoga by which most of the natives get the auspicious results from this yoga.