Role of Rahu(The Dragon’s Head) in the Consumption of Intoxicants


Role of Rahu in the Consumption of Intoxicants

Rahu - (THE DRAGON'S HEAD) North Node
Lagna - (Ascendant)

The influence of Rahu is similar to that of a demon. Rahu (THE DRAGON’S HEAD)’s excessive strength in the birth chart indicates the tendency of a person to be intoxicated. As bad as addiction is, the factor is Rahu (THE DRAGON’S HEAD). If Rahu is situated in the 1,2,7 and 12th position of the horoscope then the person is a drug addict. Rahu has the most effect from being in second place. Smoking is on the first number among the drugs provided by Rahu.

According to The Vedic Astrology, it is known from the horoscope of the native whether he consumes intoxicants or not. It also helps to cure it. When he is in good condition, he gives himself treatment and is successful in life. Eating and drinking items are related to the moon and the presence of both in the constellation of Rahu – Adra, Swati, Shatabhisha (Stars), presence in the low amount of the lord of the second house and sitting with Rahu itself gives a clear indication of the substance consumption by the native Is In his low zodiac sign, the moon often makes the person take drugs. Cruel house Saturn, Rahu afflicted Mercury and weak moon add to it.

Rahu has a lot of influence in Kali Yuga, if Rahu is good then the native IAS. Or IPS Collector becomes a politician. Its power is limitless. Generally, photography work done by Rahu suffers from blue colored objects, fat, bone borne diseases. Due to the influence of Rahu (THE DRAGON’S HEAD), the native is always lazy and mentally sad. It is considered to be strong in all the planets and it is yogic in Taurus and Libra ascendant.

Due to the diverse effects of different rays emanating from the planets, many physical and chemical changes occur in the gross and microscopic body of the creature. Some of these effects are transient. Which are erased due to continuous transmission of planets in their orbit. But some planets leave their permanent effects. For example, diseases like diseases come in accordance with the transmission of constellations. And ends. Often they have not seen permanent ill effects. But in injuries, accidents and accidents etc.,


Fractures or Disability Become Permanent.

In addition to Mars, Rahu (THE DRAGON’S HEAD), Ketu and Saturn in such planets, the Sun also comes in the calculation. Rahu gives intravenous disease or slow poison or alcoholism etc. addiction. Mars gives arms or assassination etc. Ketu gives diseases related to uterus, intestine, and anus. Saturn gives mental anguish, intellectual degeneration, blood loss, rajyakshama etc. Sun gives leprosy, eye disease and reproductive diseases. By sitting in such inauspicious place, the Guru gives state punishment, humiliation, stigma, imprisonment etc. But this is possible only in inauspicious conditions.

However, the view of Jupiter on Scorpio makes it somewhat deficient and the person is saved from being infamous. In a person’s horoscope, where one or two planets are in low zodiac, and the moon is contaminated in the enemy planet by suffering, the desire to consume drugs is strong. The position of the owner of the second house, which is also called the feeling of food, family, speech, etc., also gives details of the consumption of drugs by him. In Kalyug, Rahu is ahead in exposing the mental concerns of Saturn Mars and weak moon planets. The presence of Venus in its low zodiac sign is the main reason for the consumption of intoxicants. Low housemates make people intoxicated, which causes the native to humiliate himself as well as his family.


For Aries, Leo, Aquarius and Scorpio Ascendant, if Rahu is sitting sixth, eighth or twelfth, then this person is definitely a wine savior. If Mars is placed fifth in the horoscope of Taurus, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn Ascendant, then there is sexual disease or minor death or impotence. But if Mars is sitting in the seventh house, then it is an adulteress or an adulteress. In any lagna, if Rahu (THE DRAGON’S HEAD)-Mars union is formed in the center, then the whole family suffers loss of money and fame due to this person. New nuisances stand up every day. In any lagna, if Mars and Saturn are in the center, that person can be a Dhanadhip, but is part of state punishment and social boycott. But if Mars is in the tenth house with high Saturn, then that person establishes his reputation in the society or government by force. Such a person can also be a heinous killer if there is sun in the lagna.

In any lagna, if Saturn and Rahu are in the center, it will be full of severe anal, vaginal, tumor and cancerous diseases. And in such a state, if there is a Rahu (THE DRAGON’S HEAD)-Saturn Yoga of Aries in any center, then that person is suffering from incurable blood disease. Today’s AIDS disease is the result of this planetary combination. This fact is confirmed by the survey of 47 AIDS patients from abroad.

If at the time of birth, Moon-Mars VII and Sun Rahu are in the eighth, then the infant becomes prone to squid- ie paralysis or paralysis. If the Moon is in Mars ascendant and Sun and Rahu in the eighth, then the child is deranged. If the Sun-Saturn-Mars-Rahu gets collected in the birth constellation of someone, then how will God protect that person.

There is no possibility of marriage if Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius or Aries is the seventh Sun-Mars combination.

With Rahu in the second and fifth house, the native is very fond of playing betting. Wherever Mercury is with Rahu (THE DRAGON’S HEAD), in any sense, the person will pay attention to the speculative, lottery, juha, etc. Ebo. If Mercury sets in, the native loots in gambling. If there is Mars with Rahu (THE DRAGON’S HEAD), then believe in Yakti warfare. Keeps it. And becomes a firefighter. Rahu is cured by being a Guru with Rahu (THE DRAGON’S HEAD). And being with Shani, Rahu becomes very bad. And in his condition, Mahadasha, everything gets chopped off. Therefore, Rahu should be chanted for the people suffering from Rahu (THE DRAGON’S HEAD). The person who has gone mad should wear sandalwood garland. And chant the Rahu Beej Mantra with a garland of onyx or white sandalwood.

Jupiter of low in the lagna makes the native fond of opium. The lord of the lord of the twelfth house in the enemy or low amount makes a person intoxicated. Weak lagna also turns towards drunkenness due to lack of cooperation with friendly planets, but the vision of sinful planets also consumes intoxicants. Mercury has authority over the stomach, tongue and nervous centers. Mercury also likes mixed juice. Venus has authority over the semen, kapha, water, eyes and lambs. Therefore, due to both of them being related to the second house, suffering and having eyesight, the person is aware of consuming and not consuming drugs. The sight of Mars, Saturn, Rahu and the weak moon increases the excitement. Which forces the native to become a drug addict.

Since Rahu is not a planet with a surface, it is called a shadow planet. But Rahu has the same reputation as other planets. Like Saturn, people are afraid of Rahu (THE DRAGON’S HEAD). In South India, people do not do any work during Rahu (THE DRAGON’S HEAD). Rahu is said to be a planet with darkness, the constellations of Rahu are Adra, Swati, and Satbhisa. Rahu has the suzerainty of Virgo. Some astrologers consider Rahu to be high in Gemini sign and low in Sagittarius sign. The color of Rahu is similar to that of Neelamegh. In the body, it has found a place in the stomach and calves, onyx is its gem, full moon is its day, and mica is its metal. Rahu is the causative planet. This planet gives interest in black magic, hypnotism. Rahu (THE DRAGON’S HEAD)’s totals of sudden events are due to Rahu (THE DRAGON’S HEAD).

In the horoscope, Saturn, the lowly or afflicted Saturn on the lord of the fifth house, Rahu (THE DRAGON’S HEAD)’s vision makes him drink intoxicating substances. In the low zodiac sign of the Sun, it is clearly written that the native is a wine maker and a survivor. Mars is low in Cancer. Therefore, he is fickle minded and has special interest in gambling. Mercury’s low sign is Pisces. This keeps the person worried and his memory power also deteriorates. Venus in Virgo suffers from alcohol and leads to alcoholism. Saturn is low in Aries. He forgives, frauds and intoxicates with the native. Rahu is malefic in Scorpio, he wants to test the person in addition to alcohol for cocaine, opium, heroin etc.

Due to Rahu a person has to face the following problems-

1- Interruptions in jobs and business

2. Mental stress and disturbance

3. Sleeplessness at night

4. Failure in examinations

5. Loss of work

6. Being engrossed in unbridled thoughts

7. Suddenly high expenditure of money or receiving stop-and-go money

8. Working randomly

9. Friendship with the wicked and the wicked

10. Relationship between husband and wife with stress and lowly women

11. Stomach and intestinal diseases

12. Interruptions in the work being done.

13. Police and legal troubles and punishment from the government

14. Lack of home and material comforts

15. Negligence on behalf of money, character, health, A person gets fame, respect, royalty and intellectual availability when Rahu is auspicious, but when Rahu is inauspicious, then during Rahu (THE DRAGON’S HEAD)’s condition in Mahadasha, Antardasha, Pratyantra and Dwad Bhavas, Rahu gets many troubles and troubles. Have to face Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn and Pisces zodiac signs are Rahu (THE DRAGON’S HEAD)’s friend and Cancer and Leo are enemies. This planet deals with enmity with Rajas and Sun and Moon with Venus. Mercury, Venus, neither considers Guru as his friend and does not have any kind of enmity with him. He sees the fifth, seventh, ninth place from his place with full view.