Sacrifice and Dedication in Love according to Vedic Astrology


Sacrifice and dedication in Love

 The explanation of love is not so simple …… it is a feeling that is not obedient to words.

 “Love is not done it just happens …… it is that which does not come in everyone’s part”

Some people consider their beloved as their wives before marriage… There are also two types of people in this….

First, those without marriage, husband and wife live together under the same roof (live in relationship) …. They mostly live together but need more material pleasures (give & take policy) and more days They are not able to stay away from each other… If this happens then the chances of separation increases and then both of them separate their paths.

Others are those who do not necessarily have to live under one roof …… there is definitely a feeling of love in the heart.

Sometimes it is the same in one-sided love that a person accepts someone as his wife and just wants to be with her, and sometimes both the boy and the girl accept each other as husband and wife and away. Notwithstanding, they are devoted to each other.

In this, he makes every possible effort to take his love to the floor …. wait …. until he does not let anyone else come into life …. even in every vow, he may only ask for it Why should love not be one-sided?

I make a small effort to understand it in astrological language.

 House, House lord and planet

  • Ascendant – Self
  • Second house and eighth house – The second house Venus’s house where the Moon is high, the desire or vision ….. what a person wants) …… (An eye of Shukracharya so that he is not lust See love) the eighth bhava or the second bhava (I have a little confusion), the third eye of Lord Shiva from which the Kama was destroyed, and the Sudarshan Chakra of Lord Narayana which ends lust and illuminates the sacred love.
  • Fourth house – heart, happiness, the stability of emotions, the house of the moon, the higher position of Jupiter.
  • Fifth house – the heart’s desires, feelings, the way and process of fulfillment of the heart’s desires.
  • Seventh house – life partner
  • Eighth house – happiness from life partner …. moksha bhava and 12th way (moksha)
  • XI – Desire and fulfillment.

Twelfth Bhava – True love, salvation, bed pleasures, charity.


Venus – love factor, girlfriend, romance, wife.

Moon – mind, unconditional love (mother’s unconditional love)

Sun-Soul, the lord of the fifth house in KPC.

Jupiter – Religion, Liberal, Jiva, Wisdom (Knowledge of the difference between right and wrong)

 Mercury – friend

Saturn – Patience, Restraint

Ascendant, Lord of Ascendant and the planet related to Ascendant.

The second house, the second house, the planet related to the second house.

Planets related to thefourth house, fourth house, and fourth house Lord

Planets related to the fifth house, fifth house and fifth house Lord.

Eleventh house, lord of eleventh house & planet related to eleventh house.

Twelfth house, lord of twelfth house & planet related to twelfth house.

 One must first see Loyalty


Both or either of the Ascendant and moon should be related to the constellations of Ketu “dragon’s tail” (spiritual) Surya (Loyalty or allegiance), Jupiter (righteous and benevolent) Saturn (patience and restraint).

Ascendant, Lord of Ascendant and Moon, all three or any one or two should be related to a fixed amount.

Moon is the mother’s factor and The mother’s love is unconditional.

Moon and Venus are both female planets, the relationship or vision of both of them makes the person very emotional and when combined with the influence of sinful planets or without side effects, then it also gives dedication and loyalty.

The relationship of 5th lord (love) and the eleventh house (desire) of the lord which is without side effect gives true love.

Mostly Surya is ignored in the matter of love, but it should not be forgotten that Surya is the lord of the fifth house in the horoscope.

The Sun which is a soul and as pure as a soul is as good… .The Sun is true and truth does not accept defeat and constantly tries.

Renunciation, sacrifice and fighting for others, it is the work of Surya (soul)… .The stronger the sun (soul) will be and the stronger… .the more a person will have the spirit of sacrifice and sacrifice.

Mars and Jupiter are the ultimate friends of the Sun… If there was war, Mars …… but here is a matter of love.

Jupiter is a creature if the Sun is a soul, Jupiter is generous if the Sun is sacrificed, and Jupiter is a religion if the Sun is true ……. The relationship of the Sun (soul) to Jupiter brings Pureness to a human being even if it is in love. Take care of dignities.

That is why it is said that the sun and Jupiter together live for others.

Fire is a symbol of purity…. The Sun (soul) is the only planet that is the lord of the fire element and the fire element is high in the zodiac.

Chandra (unconditional love), Venus (factor of love) ascendant  (self) Surya (soul) fifth house (love) and fifth lord, eleventh house and its lord & twelfth house and its lord … It is good if you are pure in the fire of religion…

Air element and earth element zodiac signs have slightly higher physicality.


Mercury which is intelligence… is a friend… There is definitely friendship in every relationship and love starts with friendship and this friendship always remains.

If the relationship between Mercury is between the Sun (soul) or Jupiter (knowledge) or the constellations of Saturn or Ketu, it is not confused.

The eighth house … In the eighth house in the KPC is the Scorpio zodiac … This is the zodiac sign of Mars.

Mars, who is the commander, is a warrior …… but Scorpio is a sign where Mars also weeps secretly in emotions.

Scorpio which is a female and stable Sign …. If any planet is in Scorpio Sign, then it gives energy to the extent of its depth ……..

That’s why I say “If you love a girl Venus in Scorpio, you will never be able to leave her”.

 It is my personal persuasion that Venus gives better results in Cancer and Scorpio (especially in Anuradha Nakshatra) than Pisces.

The eighth house, which is the path of the 12th house, has two secrets… First, that death is the ultimate truth… and second that we are all connected to that God.

 For the love of Radha and Meera it is necessary to be strong in the eighth house and also for the connection with the fire of religion for the sake of purity and for the emotions to sink into the aquatic sign.

Shani Dev(Saturn) is a factor of patience and restraint ….. They are related to Lagna, Fifth house and Fifth house lord, seventh and seventh house lord(Saturn is Digbali in the seventh house), 11th house and its lord and 12th house and its lord.

 The twelfth house is of true love, sleeping pleasure, salvation, charity and sacrifice and Saturn is its factor.

No one can love more than Moon (mother), no one can give up more than Sun (soul), and no one is more patient (cannot wait) than Saturn, and Jupiter is the lord of 12th house in the horoscope of a male being. Those who know just give.

Even if Venus is related to the 12th house or its lord, it gives true love…. The 12th house is the feet of the male, where Venus is exalted.

 Any of these should be related to the 12th house (Moon and Saturn are better) and somehow be related to Venus too …. Soul (Sun) should be strong and pure ….. Ascendant and Ascendant Be strong…. Fourth house (heart) and 4th house lord are without effect… Fifth or fifth house and 11th house (desire) and its lord have a sacred or emotional connection… The 8th and 8th house lord are strong… ..And somehow if Jupiter is also blessed, then lover can wait till death.

Written By Sahil Pandey (Vedic Astrology )