Scorpio Horoscope 2020 – Yearly Prediction


Scorpio Horoscope 2020 reading states that Mars, the lord of Scorpio zodiac, sits in its zodiac sign, due to which you will get success in your field. These circumstances will encourage you to buy the dream bike or car that you are planning to buy and you will have good health.

In this year’s birth chart, positive results have been created in the second house, and this will increase your respect and authority among your friends and colleagues. Furthermore, the Moon is present in your 9th house and the sight of the Moon on Mars is causing unexpected results which can give you good results. This year will play an important role as it will help you to focus and achieve the things that you are working very hard for. But due to the sight of Saturn, you may lack patience.

Vedic Astrological Scorpio Horoscope 2020 – At the beginning of the year, Saturn is going to change its zodiac sign on January 24, which will increase your happiness level because good things will work for you. But this place is also a place that affects younger siblings, so you may be worried about the future of younger siblings.

Jupiter will go to Capricorn on 30 March. The lord of the 5th house of your zodiac and Jupiter in the 2nd, along with Saturn, are creating favorable conditions. This change is going to be very important for your success because here you will be able to flow all the energy inside you. The sight of Jupiter is also falling on the 9th house, due to which you will get a lot of luck. Also in the 7th house, the sight of Jupiter from 5th will complete your family life. You will get full support from your partner.

Saturn retrograde on 11 May may bring some problems for you as it has an effect on luck and it can suddenly cause problems in your workplace. The sight of Mars in your third house can cause negative effects on your honor, education, and can give you problems about your child.

Vedic Astro Horoscope suggests that you need to keep a regular checkup for your daily life and use your day systematically to make the most of it.

On May 14, Jupiter will enter Capricorn and you will get auspicious results.

On 30 June, Jupiter will return to Sagittarius, after which all activities that were stuck or halted will resume and any issues with money transactions will be resolved. There will be great joy among family members with some religious tasks inside the house.

On September 13, Jupiter will become progressive in Sagittarius and you will receive money flow. For students, this is an auspicious time to start their education. The sight of Jupiter in the 6th house will help you fight diseases and experience good health.

On September 29, Saturn will be retrograde and you may get some good news from younger siblings. Short but exciting trips can also occur.

At the beginning of the year, Rahu is sitting in the 8th house, and because of this, there is a strong chance for you to change the place to live .. You can also renovate your old house.


During this, take special care of your health. Ketu will sit in Sagittarius and in place of wealth. Time will be good in terms of wealth, especially if you need to take a loan then you will get success.

Rahu will enter the 7th house on 23 September, which can bring a shock to your married life. And you may also worry about your spouse’s health. Family disputes may also arise.

At the same time, Ketu is also entering your zodiac sign, which can increase your self-esteem but too much confidence can also cause problems. Be patient, work with focus and you will get success.

It would be happy for the couple as well and those searching for someone may find the right path for them. Love marriage is also happening.

On 20 November, Jupiter will again be in Capricorn, making progress in its work and raising energy levels. Scorpio Horoscope 2020 says Luck will start working in your favor.