The House Significators in Vedic Astrology and topics to consider.


The House Significators(Bhav Karka) in Vedic Astrology and topics to consider.

In astrology, 12 zodiac signs and 12 Houses, 9 planets, 27 +1 (abhijit) = 28 nakshatras (Stars), are told, that is, the whole essence of our life is hidden in these Houses, zodiacs, planets, constellations, only need to know this For which zodiac, house and planet are related to the events in our life, if we know their relation then it can tell which events are going to happen in our life. . But for this, it is very important for us to first know the causality of house and planet because the planet or house, which is a factor, is able to give auspicious or inauspicious results of the same subjects in its Mahadasha, Antaradha or Pratyaksha.

Importance of Houses in Astrology


There are 12 houses in astrological horoscope and all expressions have their special significance. In this way, you can understand that House fulfills different types of needs of the native. The person tries to get whatever he needs, now depends on when, how, what time and what type of instrument you have used to get it. Because the effort made at the appropriate time and place is helpful in wishing. The expression works like this –

Whenever a person asks whether there is wealth in my life or not, then when to know it, the astrologer first looks at the fixed money house, that is, the 2nd house, and then after analyzing that house, House lord and planet placed in this house. In relation to this, fruits are stated.

Houses Significator Planets in Horoscope


1. First house – Sun

2. Second sense – Jupiter

3. Third House – Mars

4. Fourth house – Moon

5. Fifth House – Jupiter

6. Sixth House- Mars

7. 7th house – Venus

8. Eighth house – Saturn

9. Ninth House- Jupiter

10. The tenth house – Jupiter, Sun, Mercury and Saturn

11. Eleventh House – Jupiter

12. Twelfth House- Saturn

All the expressions have been given some consideration subject like the first sense is the body of the person, the second one is the money sense and the third one is the sibling, in the same way, all the expressions have been given the definite subject. An attempt has been made to show the causality of.

Topics to consider in every sense of a horoscope

1st House Ascendant

Ascendant, rise, body, health, happiness, sorrow, present tense, personality, self-confidence, self-esteem, caste, rationality, self-illumination, shape (form color) of the brain, age position, prestige, patience, discretion, etc., from the first house in a horoscope Should consider In relation to any person, it is necessary to see how his nature looks and gives an answer to this question.

2nd House Wealth

The second house in the horoscope is responsible for money, bank account, speech, family, family, education, resources, benefits from mother, letter, mouth, right eye, tongue, teeth, etc. If one wants to see that the person in his life Whether it will earn money or not, this is the answer.

3rd House Siblings

This feeling is responsible for the native’s power of valor, younger brother-sister, patience, writing, intellectual development, right ear, courage, valor, speech and communication, sports, throat and right hand. If you want to see what kind of relationship a person has with his siblings, then this question gives the answer.

4rth House family

This feeling comes in the life of the native, land, house, property, vehicle, jewelry, cow-buffalo, water, education, mother, mother’s health, heart, family love deceit, generosity, kindness, river, home peace and peace Like subjects have a responsive sense. If it is to be seen in the horoscope of a person that when the house of the native will be built and how much peace is there in the house, then the answer to this question is given from the fourth house.

5th House child

From the fifth house in a horoscope, child happiness, wisdom, education, learning, share music minister, tax, future knowledge, success, investment, joy of life, love, sattram, pat, Holy books knowledge like Veda Upanishad Purana Geeta, any new work, production, Prana etc. should be considered. If anyone wants to know what the native’s education or child happiness is like, then the answer to this question will be the fifth meaning, only the child will have no other feeling.

6th House  disease

Horoscope in the horoscope disease, sorrow, pain, wounds, bleeding, burns, arms, surgery, depression, enemies, thieves, anxiety, fight quarrel, hair suit, war, wicked, deeds, sin, fear, humiliation, job etc. Should consider If anyone wants to know how the health of the native will be or whether I will win in hair or not, the answer to this question will be the best, not the other.

7th House marriage

In the horoscope, the seventh house considers husband and wife, heart desires (lust), path, folk, business, work in partnership, marriage, libido, long journey etc. This feeling is also called wife or husband or marriage feeling. If one wants to know how the person’s wife or husband will be or whether the work done in partnership will be successful or not, then the answer to this question will be the seventh house and not the other emotion.

8th House death

Death in eighth horoscope, age, Mangalya (woman’s fortune – husband’s survival), trouble, mental illness, distress, affliction, slander, slave (slave), hemorrhoids disease, disease in secret place, secret One should consider knowledge, ancestral property, faith and belief in religion, secret actions, tantra-mantra unresolved thoughts, anxiety etc. This sentiment is also known as the death knuckle, if one wants to think of death, then it is capable of telling the feeling.

9th House Luck

With the ninth sense prescribed in the horoscope, we should consider destiny, religion, spirituality, devotion, Acharya – Jupiter, deity, worship, learning, migration, pilgrimage, intellectual development, and charity etc. This place is also called luck place and triangle house. This feeling is also the feeling of the father (North Indian astrology). This sentiment is considered as an ascendant for the father and an important prediction is made regarding his life. This feeling tells us that what is the role of luck in our hard work and expectation, will you get a lucky result according to the hard work I am doing. Will luck help me in my progress, etc. The answer to this question is found in this sense.

10th House Karma

State, honor, fame, leadership, father (South Indian astrology), job, organization, administration, Jai, Yash, Yajna, rule, virtue, qualities, sky, skill, occupation, type of job and occupation with the tenth house determined in the horoscope , Etc. should be considered in this sense. The tenth house in the horoscope is also called the Karma House. If one wants to know which job the native will do, whether he will get success in business or not, when will the person get the job and whether it will be permanent or not, etc. it is considered in this sense.

11th House Profit

Profit, income, wealth, accomplishment, wealth, opulence, welfare, elder brother and sister, left ear, vehicle, desire, achievement, good luck, patience, growth and success etc. are considered by the eleventh house set in the horoscope. This is the emotion that makes the person fulfill his wish. It considers profit, it is the decision of whether there will be any gain or loss due to the absence or absence of any work. Actually, this feeling is the accumulation of karma, that is, how much you will get from the work you are doing, information about it can be obtained from this feeling.

12th House Expenditure

The horoscope prescribed in the horoscope should consider expenditure, loss, disease, punishment, jail, hospital, foreign travel, patience, sorrow, feet, left eye, poverty, chewing gourd, bed pleasure, meditation and salvation etc. This sentiment is also called Rif House. The account of all types of profit loss coming in the path of life is known by this sentiment. If one wants to know whether or not the native will undertake foreign travel or when he will do it, when he will do it, whether the bed will get happiness or not, etc. it is considered in this sense.