Why do youngsters Think of Suicide nowadays?


Why do young men-women think of suicide nowadays????

Here, I do not want to talk about astrology but just to have a general discussion; I will remain so in the context of Astrology when the idea of ​​Moon and Mercury does not harmonize, then it is a natural thing to have this idea.

Whatever circumstances come in human life, he should always maintain his confidence. He should be saved from breaking. Only then can live in it live. Due to this Life expectancy, he can encourage the sky to touch the sky and can easily succeed in every sphere of life.

Seeing more unhappy people than you can be discouraged. An attempt can be made to keep oneself busy in any of its hobbies. Apart from these, going to the shelter of God brings happiness and peace. He emerges from disappointing situations, morale does not waver with the grace of God.

It is difficult for a patient who does not have the zeal to live. Being unwell, if they desire to live is strong, then comes back from the face of death. There are many examples that are seen around. Movies, tv Such incidents are rarely shown in serial.

In our great texts, saying ‘Jeevem Sharad: Shatam’, a hundred years of age has been wished by God. If a man will lose courage after seeing the pain and give up his hands and feet, how will he reach this age?

It is beyond comprehension if a healthy person wishes for death while he rises. Every man’s life comes with ups and downs. Those whom we believe to be Gods, they also faced suffering when incarnated in human form. This does not mean that human beings become pessimistic because of that.

It is very important to have the desire to live, that is, life in every human being. If this desire is removed from human life, then everything else becomes nothing. A person who does not have the desire to live becomes a human being.

The best work of God is expected from a man so that he can understand the truths of life. Conduct your behavior according to them.

Hopefully, all of you will try to understand through this post and make people around you aware.